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Chat Guidelines


Please read the following before entering the chat room.  Most of this is common sense, just wanted to remind everyone of a few things.  If we all try and follow the same basic guidelines, it will help make the chat the most fun for everyone.  Thanks!


1.  The chat room is available at all times.


2.  Use your Tommy Talk ID to sign in.


3.  A weekly scheduled chat is held on Mondays at 9PM Eastern.  Chats officially last from 9PM until 11PM, but feel free to arrive early or stay late.  Last one to leave, please turn out the lights!


4.  Tommy is aware of the chat schedule and may drop in at any time.


5.  Try and keep things at a manageable pace.  I know this is difficult in a chat room, but do your best.  Not everyone in the group is a fast typer and/or a fast reader.  We really want to leave the weekly scheduled chat open to everyone, and not limit the number of participants.  You can help with this by keeping the chat focused (one topic at a time) and allowing other people to talk in turn.


6.  If Tommy shows up, try not to bombard him with questions all at once.  Show the same courtesy that you would if we were all in a real room together.  Also, do not send him private messages while the chat is going on.  He is here to talk to everyone.  The same applies to any of his TSO friends, if they join us.


7.  The rules of the forum also apply to the chat:  keep it clean, and respect each other.  Someone will be online to moderate each scheduled chat and make sure everyone plays nicely.


8.  Send a picture (of yourself) to webmaster@tommyfarese.com to be included on the Chat Shots page.  This is optional, but the request came from Tommy himself!  So we’ll know who’s who.

9.  Don’t make fun of Ray because of his typing.  Only Rebecca is allowed to do that.

     (But its ok, anyone can make fun of Rebecca's typing)


Thank You    


Please be patient once you hit the Chat Room button it may take a few seconds or a few minutes to load the chat room but once you are in it will work very quickly.

If you have JAVA preloaded on you system the Chat Room will load almost Instantaneously.

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9.  Don’t make fun of Ray because of his typing.  Only Rebecca is allowed to d that.

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